Considering contact lenses for the first time?

There has never been a better time to try them!

  • Convenient and affordable
  • Easier and more comfortable to wear than ever before
  • Freedom to enjoy more activities than wearing glasses
  • Recent advances in technology and design mean that the majority of people can now consider contact lenses as an option.


The Main Type of Lenses

These are the main types of lenses available. All our lenses are high quality.

Daily disposable: These are ideal for occasional use for sports or social wear. As their name suggests, they are designed to be thrown away at the end of each day. They are available for most prescriptions. Of course many people choose to wear these lenses every day.

Monthly/Fortnightly disposable: These lenses are best for everyday use and need replacing only every month. They must be removed at night and cleaned.

Monthly/Weekly extended wear: These lenses are designed to wear overnight. They allow maximum oxygen supply to the cornea, using the very latest lens materials technology.

Gas permeable (rigid) lenses: These lenses only need replacing about once a year, They are made to the exact shape of your corneas and are available for all prescriptions.

Our Contact Lens Service

Our personalised contact lens service aims to suit each individual’s needs. During your initial clinical assessment we will decide if your eyes are suitable for contact lenses. If so, we will discuss your lifestyle and particular requirements to select the best product for you. You will be able to trial your chosen lenses so you can decide if they really do provide the clarity of vision and comfort you need.

As an independent practice we have the freedom to supply you with the full range of contact lenses from any suppliers, so we can choose the best lenses suited to you.

If you join our standing order plan, your supply of contact lenses will automatically be ordered for you, so you need never run out!