“Low Vision” refers to a speciality within optometry which focuses on people with visual impairment (i.e. blind or partially sighted). Visual impairment may be caused by a wide range of eye diseases, most commonly age-related macular degeneration. A person is said to be visually impaired when, despite wearing optimum glasses or contact lenses, they still cannot achieve a good standard of vision.

There are a wide range of other optical aids, apart from glasses or contact lenses, that may be helpful to people with visual impairment including:

  • hand magnifiers
  • telescopes


Information is available on request. Ian also can provide information about non-optical aids such as lighting, reading aids, advice about use of contrast within the home and advice on getting in touch with societies and other forms of rehabilitative help if required.

The assessment of “low vision” and provision of optical aids and advice is not provided through the NHS and incurs a private fee (please contact us for more information).

Did you know Ian Ashworth ran the low vision clinic at Stepping Hill hospital for nearly 20 years. He is happy to see patients on a private basis in his practice rather than patients having to make several trips to the hospital.